Module GPIBWrap
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Module GPIBWrap

source code - A Python Interface to the GPIBlib Instrument Library.

The combination of Python, the instrument-object based C++ GPIBlib instrument control library, NumPy and MatPlotLib provides a quite useful way of building measurement applications for computer controlled instruments.

Currently implemented instruments are:

HP_3325A Synthesiser/Function Generator HP_3457A Multimeter HP_3582A FFT Spectrum Analyser HP_8903E Distortion Analyser TEK_710A Transient Digitizer (partially)

Author: Nick Glazzard 2012

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Base class for GPIB instruments with functions common to all instruments.
HP 3457A Multimeter Object.
HP 3325A Synthesiser/Function Generator Object.
HP 8903E Distortion Analyzer Object.
HP 3582A Spectrum Analyzer Object.
Sony/Tektronix RTD-710A Transient Digitizer Object.
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argerr() source code
callerr() source code
eu(v, u) source code
frequnits(fu) source code
ampunits(au) source code
chancodes(ch) source code
couplecodes(cu) source code
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  lib = cdll.LoadLibrary('./')