Audio Links

For Studer/ReVox Enthusiasts

Studer Revox Analogfan: Collector. Wonderful photographic accounts of restorations.

Revoxsammler - Bruno Probst: Collector. Huge archive of Studer/ReVox publications.

Heinz Maetje: Collector.

Studer Und Revox: Extensive information web site with a forum.

Studer Revox Legendary Tape Recorders: Information web site.

Studer FTP Manual Repository: Commercial. The Studer company FTP site.

Ernst Schmid Electronics: Commercial. Excellent reference tapes. Remote controls.

Black Reel Audio: E-Bay shop. Lots of spares for ReVox and other makes. No longer accessible via EBay UK.

Revox Online: Commercial. Many ReVox items for sale.

Algatronic-Audiotech: Commercial. Restorations in Germany.

Brian Reeves: Commercial. Restorations in the U.K.

Analog Tape Machines

The Brenell Tape Recorder (Brenell, Truvox and much more): From the author and historian Barry M. Jones.

Hilpert Tonstudiotechnik (AEG/Telefunken experts): Commercial. AEG/Telefunken Magnetophon sales and support.

audioexmachina: Blog on analog audio (and tape machines in particular).

Tape Supplies

Thomann Cyberstore U.K. (tape): Massive musical equipment supplier. Stocks RMGI tape.

Darklab Magnetics (tape & accessories): Tape and many accessories (e.g. reels).

Voices of Reason on Audio Topics

Douglas Self on Science and Subjectivism in Audio

Ethan Winer (lots of interesting stuff)

Other Audio Sites

Uwe Beis on A/D/A converters and more.

Siegfried Linkwitz on loudspeakers and more.

Linear Audio Magazine (DIY audio): Excellent print magazine.

Linux Audio Projects at Kokkini Zita: Open source audio software for Linux.

Elliott Sound Products (DIY audio): A large collection of projects.