Project Soho

One fine February day in 2018, I went on a walking tour of Soho (London, England -- of course!). It is my favourite part of London -- a part I have been familar with through work (and otherwise) since my early twenties (over 35 years).

Since there seemed some chance that I would soon not be able to visit it easily (if at all), I took my (fresh off E-Bay) Sony Alpha 700 camera with a Vivitar Series 1 (Cosina) 19-35mm F3.5-4.5 lens with me to record the sights.

This is an experiment in how to present the results using a map drawn with SVG (thanks to Inkscape), with active links to HTML pages with the photographs and occasional notes. There are certainly some oddities with it as it stands, but, overall, it does what I intended, more or less.

Thanks to Andrea Leofreddi's SVGPan Javascript, it should be possible to pan the map with (left mouse)+(drag) and to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel (or equivalent). Clicking on the green photo location markers (which show the direction the camera is pointing in too) should go to a page with a small version of the photograph taken there.

There remain several mysteries with this SVG and HTML stuff, though, so it may or may not work for you. I have only tried it with the Safari browser on Mac OS, I'm afraid.