Audio Links

For Studer/ReVox Enthusiasts

Studer Revox Analogfan: Collector. Wonderful photographic accounts of restorations.

Revoxsammler - Bruno Probst: Collector. Huge archive of Studer/ReVox publications.

Markus Moser: Collector. Including the C37 and the very rare Studer A823 digital loudspeaker.

Heinz Maetje: Collector.

Studer Und Revox: Extensive information web site with a forum.

Studer Revox Legendary Tape Recorders: Information web site.

ISR e. V.: Club. Studer-Revox Interest Group in Hamburg, Germany.

Studer FTP Manual Repository: Commercial. The Studer company FTP site.

Ernst Schmid Electronics: Commercial. Excellent reference tapes. Remote controls.

Black Reel Audio: E-Bay shop. Lots of spares for ReVox and other makes.

Revox Online: Commercial. Many ReVox items for sale.

Algatronic-Audiotech: Commercial. Restorations in Germany.

Brian Reeves: Commercial. Restorations in the U.K.

Analog Tape Machines

The Brenell Tape Recorder (Brenell, Truvox and much more): From the author and historian Barry M. Jones.

Hilpert Tonstudiotechnik (AEG/Telefunken experts): Commercial. AEG/Telefunken Magnetophon sales and support.

audioexmachina: Blog on analog audio (and tape machines in particular).

Tape Supplies

Thomann Cyberstore U.K. (tape): Massive musical equipment supplier. Stocks RMGI tape.

Darklab Magnetics (tape & accessories): Tape and many accessories (e.g. reels).

Voices of Reason on Audio Topics

Douglas Self on Science and Subjectivism in Audio

Ethan Winer (lots of interesting stuff)

The Audio Critic Magazine: A magazine featuring equipment reviews with a thoroughly objective approach. Whatever next?

Other Audio Sites

Uwe Beis on A/D/A converters and more.

Siegfried Linkwitz on loudspeakers and more.

Linear Audio Magazine (DIY audio): Excellent print magazine.

Linux Audio Projects at Kokkini Zita: Open source audio software for Linux.

Elliott Sound Products (DIY audio): A large collection of projects.